President Donald Trump just announced his slogan for his 2020 reelection campaign, and it’s sure to make liberals furious!

“Our new slogan when we start running in, can you believe it, two years from now, is going to be ‘Keep America Great’ exclamation point,” Trump said at a rally in Pennsylvania. “But we can only do that if we elect people who are going to back our agenda and fight for our values.”

The Daily Caller reported that Trump told the crowd that he can’t use “Make America Great Again” because he has achieved this.

“We can’t say ‘Make America Great Again’ because I already did that,” he said.

Trump has already named Brad Parscale as his campaign manager. Parscale had been the digital director for Trump’s successful campaign in 2016, and a “60 Minutes” segment described him as the campaign’s “secret weapon” for his sophisticated use of digital ads on Facebook to promote Trump’s candidacy.

“I think we used it better than anyone ever had in history,” Parscale said of the campaign’s use of social media.

The report went on to explain that Parscale’s San Antonio, Tex.-based company, which first worked for Trump by creating a website six years ago for his real-estate company for just $1,500, ended up billing the Trump campaign $94 million for its work on the 2016 election.

“Facebook and Twitter were the reason we won this thing. Twitter for Mr. Trump. And Facebook for fundraising,” Parscale said after Trump won the election.

Parscale is currently working as the digital media director for America First Policies, a nonprofit group that aims to bolster Trump’s agenda.

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