Things got awkward on Sunday night when country music star Miranda Lambert came face-to-face with ex-husband Blake Shelton and his new girlfriend, Gwen Stefani.

Fox News reported that the three singers were all in attendance at the ACM Awards. Fans took to Twitter to express excitement at the prospect of the exes crossing paths.

“I want the camera on Blake and Gwen when Miranda is singing or winning an award. I am an awful person,” one user wrote on Twitter.

A few awkward moments involving the trio happened during the show. One of the most cringeworthy moments came when Lambert thanked the crowd, including Shelton and Stefani, as she explained her winning song “Tin Man” was inspired by her divorce!

“Thank you guys so much for sharing my broken heart with me,” Lambert said as she accepted the Song of the Year award.

When Shelton later took the stage to perform “I Lived It,” Stefani was seen hanging on every word, yet Lambert was nowhere to be found.

It doesn’t get much more awkward than that, folks!

It’s clear that Lambert is still having trouble moving on from her marriage to Shelton. Please keep Miranda Lambert in your thoughts and prayers as she continues to move forward in life!