The royal wedding between Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle is scheduled to take place on Saturday morning. However, the wedding may not be happening at all as concerns over a terrorist attack targeting the nuptials are mounting.

Daily Mail reported that officials have announced that Windsor may be placed on lockdown as early as Thursday, when a dress rehearsal for the wedding is set to take place. Military and police officials will be shutting down all roads that the procession is set to take near Windsor Castle as they prepare for the wedding events.

Around 100,000 visitors are expected to flood the small town, which has a population of just 35,000, for Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Officials are warning people to set off for the wedding at 4am because all nearby car parks are likely to be full by 6am.

This wedding is set to be one of the most heavily guarded events in history, with police snipers perched on roof-tops, special-forces troops mingling with crowds and road blocks in place. There will also be a no-flying zone in place during the service.

“During the rehearsal, on Thursday 17 May 2018, the procession route will be closed to traffic and no traffic will be allowed into the closed roads,” Alison Alexander, Managing Director of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, wrote in a letter to residents living near the city center. She added that crowd control barriers will be installed along the entire route “to enable people to view the carriage procession in a safe environment.”

“Due to the significant number of people that are due to visit Windsor on the day, there will also be wider road closures in operation that will restrict vehicular traffic on the roads leading to the town centre,” she continued. “These roads will be closed once the town centre car parks are full and this could be as early as 6am on Saturday 19 May 2018.”

“This is the biggest event in the town’s history,” said local resident Andre Walker. “We are used to welcoming tourists from around the world but our population is likely to be more than tripled come Saturday. People are being told to get here for as early as 4am because all the car parks will be full by 6am. As Windsorians we’re fine with being inconvenienced for this one-off event, but make no mistake it will be a total nightmare. I’ve decided to not leave my house.”

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