Hollywood liberals have made awards shows virtually unwatchable, as they use them as opportunities to shove their leftwing views down the throats of Americans. During the ACM Awards on Sunday night, however, host Reba McEntire put these liberal elites to shame when she made it clear that politics would play no role in the show!

Independent Journal Review reported that when she opened the show, McEntire poked fun at herself instead of whining about politics.

“I first hosted this show in 1986. To put that in perspective, not only was [singer] Kelsea Ballerini not born, her parents weren’t even dating yet,” the country music legend said.

Before the show, McEntire explained that it was going to be all about “fun.”

“There’s a lot of political things you can address, stuff going on in the world,” she said. “That’s not our theme; our theme is to have fun…”

She went on to say that the “theme” was “not to be mean, not to be catty, just to have a great night of entertainment, great music, seeing everybody and introducing new music.”

Twitter users made it clear that they enjoyed the break from politics:

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