Michelle Obama is so full of herself that she assumed Melania Trump would be a far worse First Lady than her. That’s why Michelle has gone into panic mode since Melania’s approval ratings started to skyrocket.

Michelle showed how insecure she is this week when she had the nerve to attack Melania’s fashion sense, but it didn’t end well for her.

Mad World News reported that Michelle tried to kick Melania while she was down by bashing her “I really don’t care, do you?” jacket the same day the mainstream media was freaking out about it.

“I couldn’t make those kinds of [fashion] mistakes, I was outstanding,” said Michelle.

Of course, Michelle made this all about race.

“Barack and I knew very early that we would be measured by a different yardstick,” Michelle said. “Making mistakes was not an option for us. We had to be good — no, we had to be outstanding — at everything we did. When you’re the first, you’re the one that’s laying the red carpet down for others to follow.”

This was a clear dig at Melania, but it didn’t take long for it to come back to bite Michelle. She obviously forgot that during her own time as First Lady, she was anything but the fashion icon that Melania has become.

Check out some of the “stylish” looks Michelle showed off when she was First Lady:

Meanwhile, even liberals have admitted that Melania is the most stylish First Lady since the days of Jacqueline Kennedy.

“President Trump embarked on his first official trip abroad. After touching down in Saudi Arabia, the president also made stops in Israel, Italy and Belgium. Melania Trump was by his side throughout the trip, and her stylish attire made international headlines,” TODAY reported. “From flowing gowns to tailored suits, the first lady showcased her fashion sense with elegant pieces from some of the world’s top designers.”

Michelle is obviously just jealous of the fact that Melania is far more beautiful and stylish than she will ever be! SHARE this story if you think Melania Trump is a better First Lady than Michelle Obama!