Things got heated on “The View” on Wednesday when Whoopi Goldberg once again tried to call for gun control, but Meghan McCain wasn’t having any of it.

Mediaite reported that the women were discussing how children all over the U.S. are walking out of school today to protest against guns. McCain spoke up to slam liberals for using accusing pro-Second Amendment supporters of endorsing gun violence, reminding her cohosts that law-abiding gun owners are just as horrified by school shooting as they are. She then expressed her wishes that there could be a more nuanced conversation with more inclusion for pro-gun students after the massacre.

When Whoopi tried to say that the liberal students are calling for a conversation about guns, McCain pointed out that anti-NRA protesters have gotten a bigger media profile over the last few weeks, and she slammed CNN for how it handled the recent Town Hall meeting over guns.

“I thought it was really inappropriate and I want to have more conversations that are civil,” McCain said.

Things then took a nasty turn when the women began discussing banning high power weapons like the AR-15.

“Let’s be honest…” McCain said before Whoopi rudely interrupted: “they don’t want an AK-47 in their face. I don’t want one either. So if there’s a way, my point is…”

“I don’t want one in my face either,” McCain responded. “I don’t want it made illegal either.”

Whoopi and McCain launched into an argument over whether today’s march was more about demanding a conversation or attacking the NRA. Though Whoopi refused to give in and continued barking, even she could not give a specific concrete reason as to what the march is about.

“They’re not marching against the NRA,” Whoopi. “They’re just saying we’ve got an issue and nobody is dealing with it and we’re tired of the BS.”

In the end, however, McCain came off looking far more intelligent than Whoopi in this argument, as she had the facts on her side! SHARE this story if you are proud to stand with the Second Amendment!