Americans everywhere were stunned on Monday when First Lady Melania Trump was rushed to the hospital to get kidney surgery. Now, as she remains at Walter Reed Medical Center recovering, Melania has sent Hillary Clinton a “special gift” that is sure to have the failed Democratic presidential candidate fuming.

Right Wing News reported that Clinton has been having her liberal minions in the mainstream media regularly bash Melania in an attempt to ensure the First Lady will not be a popular one. That’s why Clinton is so livid that it has just been confirmed that her efforts to destroy Melania have backfired.

Rankings released by the Social Security Administration have revealed that the name “Melania” came in fifth among the fastest-growing girls’ names from 2016 to 2017, moving 720 spots up the list. A recent poll also showed that Melania’s popularity has surged by double digits since January, even among Democrats.

Despite Clinton’s best efforts, Americans are seeing Melania as the incredibly classy First Lady that she is. This is in stark contrast to Clinton, who is one of the only First Ladies in history to see the popularity of her own name decrease after her husband took office. The popularity of the name Hillary dramatically decreased beginning in 1993, the year that Clinton became First Lady. It ended up falling a staggering 90% between 1992 and 1999.

Melania showed what a class act she is once again on Wednesday when she released a statement thanking Americans everywhere for their thoughts and prayers about her surgery.

“A sincere thank you to Walter Reed Medical Unit @WRBethesda & to all who have send good wishes & prayers! I am feeling great & look forward to getting back home @WhiteHouse soon,” Melania tweeted.

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