JUST IN: CNN host Anderson Cooper has just found himself embroiled in a new scandal that has undoubtedly sent him into panic mode.

Daily Mail reported that it has just been revealed that Cooper has been cheating on his boyfriend of nine years with a much younger radiologist. Cooper, 50, has made at least five trips to Dallas, Texas since December to rendezvous with his 33 year-old lover Victor Lopez.

Meanwhile, Cooper continues to share a home in New York City with his longtime boyfriend Benjamin Maisani.

Lopez appears to have been a longtime fan of Cooper’s since before they met, as his Instagram handle was previously Victoro360, which is similar to the title of Cooper’s CNN show Anderson 360.

Cooper was first spotted in Dallas the week before Christmas, and has been there many times since. Though he was in New York City the weekend after for his New Year’s Eve hosting duties, he was back in Dallas the weekend after that.

That’s when Lopez first started posting photos with Cooper.

This comes at a bad time for Cooper, as National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch just eviscerated him on his own show.

Raw Story reported that Cooper tried to lure Loesch into bashing President Donald Trump by asking if the NRA felt “betrayed by this president.” Loesch, however, wasn’t having any of it.

“If President (Barack) Obama had said ‘I kinda believe in taking the guns first and going through due process second,’ I would imagine the NRA would have spoken out incredibly strongly about that as would many Republicans,” Cooper said. “Again, just officially does the NRA feel betrayed by this president? Due process is something I hear you and the NRA talk about all the time and understandably this president just said due process comes second. Take the gun. That’s the fear of so many gun owners in the NRA.”

While Loesch agreed that the NRA wants to “maintain the Constitutional rights” of Americans and that the group told Trump this, she quickly moved on to attacking Obama, pointing out that he never came close to the support Trump has had for guns.

“We know that former President Obama did not — he did not even come close to thinking as President Trump does on international reciprocity or other issues,” she said. “He was pretty clear on that. I think the response could have been the same.”

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